• Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting is engaged in a long-term (through 2019) assignment in Waterloo, Ontario, for the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises, Wilfrid Laurier University. This is a multi-stage project involving planning, implementation, and review of the Lazaridis Institute's Scale-Up Program and its research and academic initiatives aimed at advancing Canada's entrepreneurial skills, and helping companies grow globally.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting is engaged by Wavefront in Vancouver, BC, developing a monitoring and information framework for analysis of impacts and performance, for that organization's 2017-2021 mandate.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting is developing an online platform for a visual arts start-up company. Feasibility study and a market assessment have been completed, and currently developing a business and action plan to provide an online presence for marketing and sales of choice artwork.

Our Bytown consultants have successfully led numerous other projects as follows:

Management Solutions - including studies in best practices, risk assessment, quality management, and market research.

Impacts Analysis, Policy and Program Evaluations - using evidence-based research methods and multiple lines of inquiry.

Technology and Science - including studies in competitive and technical intelligence, industry profiling, standards and regulatory research, and benchmarking.

Surveys - using Bytown's customized secure online questionnaire system, phone and face-to-face interviews, and online survey platforms.

  • Benchmarking study of sixteen international and national development aid organizations
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Scoping study for benchmarking of human resources and skills development programs and services
    [for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada]
  • Modern management and comptrollership capacity check
    [for Department of National Defence, Canada]
  • Comparisons of international, regional and national standards organizations, practices and requirements
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Risk assessment study, National Search and Rescue Program
    [for National Search and Rescue Secretariat]
  • Performance measurement study, National Search and Rescue Program
    [for National Search and Rescue Secretariat]
  • Best practices for performance measurement in government science-based departments and agencies (SBDAs)
    [for Council of Science and Technology Advisors]
  • Benchmarking study for the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
    [for National Research Council]
  • Strategic Benchmarking Study of Biotechnology Institutes
    [for National Research Council]
  • Intervention strategy study in biotechnology industry sector of Quebec
    [for Developpement Economique Canada (DEC)]
  • Performance and risk assessment criteria for health services provided by Canadian Forces Medical Group
    [for Department of National Defence]
  • Risk management tool for audit planning
    [for Department of National Defence and Treasury Board Secretariat, Canada]
  • Best practices study and industry profiles for Steel, Information Technology and Tourism industry sectors
    [for Human Resources Development Canada]
  • Assessment of quality management best practices in the housing industry in Canada
    [for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation]
  • Putting your business "on-the-line"
    [for TechKnowHow, KPMG]
  • Evaluation and Economic Impacts Analysis of CANARIE
    [for CANARIE, Canada's high-speed network for advancement of research, industry and education]
  • Evaluation of CIDA's gender equality policy
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Cluster evaluation framework and analysis of four NGOs funded by CIDA
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Evaluation of the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Works Program
    [for Treasury Board Secretariat and Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the SchoolNet Program
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the Centre of Excellence for Internal Audit
    [for Treasury Board Secretariat]
  • Evaluation of Industry Canada's Sustainable Development Strategies
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation study of the Multimedia Learnware Program
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Summative Evaluation of the Museums Assistance Program and the Canadian Museums Association Program
    [for Department of Canadian Heritage]
  • Summative Evaluation of the Canadian Television Fund
    [for Department of Canadian Heritage]
  • Evaluation of Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada
    [for Aboriginal Business Canada, Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the Canadian Standards Association Health Care Technology Program
    [for the Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment]
  • Evaluation of the National Standards System of Canada
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Evaluation of Transport Canada's partnership agreements for funding and delivery of rail passenger services
    [for Transport Canada]
  • Review of Canadian Forces Housing Agency
    [for Department of National Defence]
  • Wavefront Economic Impacts Study: Summative Report, 2011-2016
    [for Wavefront, Canada's Center of Excellence for Commercialization and Research for wireless innovation and technology]
  • The Information Imperative: a Framework for Measuring Impacts of Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Services
    [for International Council for Scientific and Technical Information]
  • Technical standards and regulatory infrastructure development study
    [for Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • The New Frontier: Enterprise and E-Business in Western Canada
    [for Western Diversification]
  • Syndicated national Internet research study
    [for A.C. Nielsen Canada]
  • Bell Canada competitive intelligence study, Internet and electronic kiosks applications
    [for Bell Canada]
  • Benchmarking study for aerospace industry sector
    [for Institute for Aerospace Research]
  • Issues Scan for Sustainable Development
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Sites and services evaluation and business case study, industry profile of the housing sector in Egypt
    [for the World Bank]
  • Evaluation of the Eco-Research Program
    [for Medical Research Council of Canada]
  • Evaluation framework study of Networks of Centres of Excellence Program
    [for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council]
  • Strategic planning report to identify objectives and priorities for industry-specific standards activities
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Benchmarking study to develop methodology for health products user fees
    [for Health Canada]
  • Quality management systems study for electronic charting
    [for Canadian Hydrographic Services]
  • Evaluation of technical infrastructure development projects in APEC economies
    [for Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance, APEC]
  • Energy Efficiency Performance Standards
    [for Natural Resources Canada]
  • Survey of Wavefront clients: performance and impacts analysis
    [for Wavefront]
  • Survey of CANARIE stakeholders and program participants
    [for CANARIE]
  • Survey of CIDA managers and staff (headquarters and regional offices)
    [for Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)]
  • Survey of Canadian radio and television stations (members of the CAB)
    [for Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)]
  • Survey of Canadian Standards Experts
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Survey of e-Commerce Applications
    [for Western Economic Diversification]
  • Survey of Biotechnology Stakeholders
    [for National Research Council]
  • Survey of Silicon Valley North Executives
    [for research paper, Princeton University]
  • Survey of University and Private Sector Eco-System Researchers and Programs
    [for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council]
  • Updating Best Practices for Canadian Public Accounts Committees
    [for CCAF-FCVI Inc.]
  • International Survey of Accreditation Organizations and Laboratories
    [for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • Survey of Learnware Program Participants
    [for Industry Canada]
  • Canadian National Survey of Internet Users
    [for A.C.Nielsen Canada]
  • Survey of Engineers' Preferences for Online Services
    [for Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical Information]
  • Survey of Quebec Internet Users
    [for Bell Canada]
  • Survey of Standards and Regulatory Bodies
    [for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • Survey of OWCU Members' Preferences for Financial Services
    [for Ottawa Women's Credit Union]
  • Survey of Senior Citizens' Housing Preferences
    [for City of Ottawa]
  • Survey of Housing, Atlantic Provinces
    [for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation]
  • Survey of Biotechnology Associations
    [for Développement économique Canada (DEC)]
  • Survey of Aboriginal Tourism Organizations
    [for Aboriginal Business Canada, Industry Canada]
  • Survey of Canadian Museums
    [for an evaluation of the Museums Assistance Program, Department of Canadian Heritage]

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