• Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting has been engaged by BC Tech Association to develop a comprehensive economic impacts assessment of the organization's programs and services implemented over the last five years.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting is developing an online platform for a visual arts start-up company. Feasibility study and a market assessment have been completed, and currently developing a business and action plan to provide an online presence for marketing and sales of choice artwork.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting was engaged by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) to develop its 2018-2023 Performance Measurement Framework and Logic Model. This project also involved working with CPSI's Senior Management, its Board of Directors, and its partners in the Canadian healthcare system, to develop an operations performance management scorecard and to help build the evaluation capacity of the Institute.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting was engaged by the Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises, Wilfrid Laurier University. This was a multi-stage project involving planning, implementation, and review of the Lazaridis Institute's Scale-Up Program and its research and academic initiatives aimed at advancing Canada's entrepreneurial skills, and helping companies grow globally.
  • Bytown in association with Rostum Consulting was engaged by Wavefront in Vancouver, BC, to undertake a summative analysis of economic impacts and performance.

Our Bytown consultants have successfully led numerous other projects as follows:

Management Solutions - including studies in best practices, risk assessment, quality management, and market research.

Impacts Analysis, Policy and Program Evaluations - using evidence-based research methods and multiple lines of inquiry.

Technology and Science - including studies in competitive and technical intelligence, industry profiling, standards and regulatory research, and benchmarking.

Surveys - using Bytown's customized secure online questionnaire system, phone and face-to-face interviews, and online survey platforms.


  • Benchmarking study of sixteen international and national development aid organizations
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Scoping study for benchmarking of human resources and skills development programs and services
    [for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada]
  • Modern management and comptrollership capacity check
    [for Department of National Defence, Canada]
  • Comparisons of international, regional and national standards organizations, practices and requirements
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Risk assessment study, National Search and Rescue Program
    [for National Search and Rescue Secretariat]
  • Performance measurement study, National Search and Rescue Program
    [for National Search and Rescue Secretariat]
  • Best practices for performance measurement in government science-based departments and agencies (SBDAs)
    [for Council of Science and Technology Advisors]
  • Benchmarking study for the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
    [for National Research Council]
  • Strategic Benchmarking Study of Biotechnology Institutes
    [for National Research Council]
  • Intervention strategy study in biotechnology industry sector of Quebec
    [for Developpement Economique Canada (DEC)]
  • Performance and risk assessment criteria for health services provided by Canadian Forces Medical Group
    [for Department of National Defence]
  • Risk management tool for audit planning
    [for Department of National Defence and Treasury Board Secretariat, Canada]
  • Best practices study and industry profiles for Steel, Information Technology and Tourism industry sectors
    [for Human Resources Development Canada]
  • Assessment of quality management best practices in the housing industry in Canada
    [for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation]
  • Putting your business "on-the-line"
    [for TechKnowHow, KPMG]
  • Evaluation and Economic Impacts Analysis of CANARIE
    [for CANARIE, Canada's high-speed network for advancement of research, industry and education]
  • Evaluation of CIDA's gender equality policy
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Cluster evaluation framework and analysis of four NGOs funded by CIDA
    [for Canadian International Development Agency]
  • Evaluation of the Canada-Ontario Infrastructure Works Program
    [for Treasury Board Secretariat and Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the SchoolNet Program
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the Centre of Excellence for Internal Audit
    [for Treasury Board Secretariat]
  • Evaluation of Industry Canada's Sustainable Development Strategies
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation study of the Multimedia Learnware Program
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Summative Evaluation of the Museums Assistance Program and the Canadian Museums Association Program
    [for Department of Canadian Heritage]
  • Summative Evaluation of the Canadian Television Fund
    [for Department of Canadian Heritage]
  • Evaluation of Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada
    [for Aboriginal Business Canada, Industry Canada]
  • Evaluation of the Canadian Standards Association Health Care Technology Program
    [for the Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment]
  • Evaluation of the National Standards System of Canada
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Evaluation of Transport Canada's partnership agreements for funding and delivery of rail passenger services
    [for Transport Canada]
  • Review of Canadian Forces Housing Agency
    [for Department of National Defence]
  • Wavefront Economic Impacts Study: Summative Report, 2011-2016
    [for Wavefront, Canada's Center of Excellence for Commercialization and Research for wireless innovation and technology]
  • The Information Imperative: a Framework for Measuring Impacts of Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Services
    [for International Council for Scientific and Technical Information]
  • Technical standards and regulatory infrastructure development study
    [for Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • The New Frontier: Enterprise and E-Business in Western Canada
    [for Western Diversification]
  • Syndicated national Internet research study
    [for A.C. Nielsen Canada]
  • Bell Canada competitive intelligence study, Internet and electronic kiosks applications
    [for Bell Canada]
  • Benchmarking study for aerospace industry sector
    [for Institute for Aerospace Research]
  • Issues Scan for Sustainable Development
    [for Department of Industry Canada]
  • Sites and services evaluation and business case study, industry profile of the housing sector in Egypt
    [for the World Bank]
  • Evaluation of the Eco-Research Program
    [for Medical Research Council of Canada]
  • Evaluation framework study of Networks of Centres of Excellence Program
    [for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council]
  • Strategic planning report to identify objectives and priorities for industry-specific standards activities
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Benchmarking study to develop methodology for health products user fees
    [for Health Canada]
  • Quality management systems study for electronic charting
    [for Canadian Hydrographic Services]
  • Evaluation of technical infrastructure development projects in APEC economies
    [for Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance, APEC]
  • Energy Efficiency Performance Standards
    [for Natural Resources Canada]
  • Survey of Wavefront clients: performance and impacts analysis
    [for Wavefront]
  • Survey of CANARIE stakeholders and program participants
    [for CANARIE]
  • Survey of CIDA managers and staff (headquarters and regional offices)
    [for Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)]
  • Survey of Canadian radio and television stations (members of the CAB)
    [for Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB)]
  • Survey of Canadian Standards Experts
    [for Standards Council of Canada]
  • Survey of e-Commerce Applications
    [for Western Economic Diversification]
  • Survey of Biotechnology Stakeholders
    [for National Research Council]
  • Survey of Silicon Valley North Executives
    [for research paper, Princeton University]
  • Survey of University and Private Sector Eco-System Researchers and Programs
    [for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council]
  • Updating Best Practices for Canadian Public Accounts Committees
    [for CCAF-FCVI Inc.]
  • International Survey of Accreditation Organizations and Laboratories
    [for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • Survey of Learnware Program Participants
    [for Industry Canada]
  • Canadian National Survey of Internet Users
    [for A.C.Nielsen Canada]
  • Survey of Engineers' Preferences for Online Services
    [for Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical Information]
  • Survey of Quebec Internet Users
    [for Bell Canada]
  • Survey of Standards and Regulatory Bodies
    [for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum]
  • Survey of OWCU Members' Preferences for Financial Services
    [for Ottawa Women's Credit Union]
  • Survey of Senior Citizens' Housing Preferences
    [for City of Ottawa]
  • Survey of Housing, Atlantic Provinces
    [for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation]
  • Survey of Biotechnology Associations
    [for Développement économique Canada (DEC)]
  • Survey of Aboriginal Tourism Organizations
    [for Aboriginal Business Canada, Industry Canada]
  • Survey of Canadian Museums
    [for an evaluation of the Museums Assistance Program, Department of Canadian Heritage]

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